Letter to the Congregation - September 10, 2020, from Rev. Peters  LINK


 November 2020: We are currently worshipping virtually.

Most meetings are occuring virtually as well.

If you need to come to the church building, we ask that you wear a face mask, covering your mouth and nose, sanitize your hands upon arrival and practice social distancing.

If you think you have had an exposure, have traveled without quarantining, or are not feeling well - please do not come in the church building.



Help Support Our Work and Ministries

Supporting the work of the Church during the pandemic

It is important that your generous spirit continues to be shared 

even though you may not be present physically at the church building!

We encourage you to set up electronic giving using our safe and easy partner, Vanco.

You can sign up for a one-time gift or one that can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, using your credit card or checking account (preferred).


Many have done this and it is has eased the financial pressure at the church in these days.

 Worship in the time of COVID-19

 (All is tentative and dependent on health conditions and Newtown Health Dept. guidance)

"Effective immediately (May 20, 2020), the 49-person limit on religious, spiritual, and worship gatherings is raised for indoor gatherings to 25% of the capacity of the indoor space or a maximum of 100 people, whichever is smaller, and to 150 people for outdoor gatherings, provided in each case that appropriate safety and social distancing measures shall be employed."


For us, that means that for the future an essential part of this church’s ministry will be that all services will also be Virtual on our Zoom Channel and Facebook Live.


            Health Guidance for now and the foreseeable future:

- If you feeling ill or have a temperature above 100.4 within 72 hours, to not attend worship.

- You are asked to bring your own chair

- You must wear a mask

- Each person upon arriving must sanitize their hands.

- You (individuals or household groups) must sit socially distanced from each other (min. 6 feet)

- We ask that you not shake hands, hug, or be closer than 6 feet from those who are not from your household.

- The church will not be open for restrooms. In the case of an emergency bathroom need, please use the Handicap/ Gender Neutral bathroom. We ask that you sanitize the restroom including all surfaces touched and used with the spray disinfectant located in the bathroom.

- We will not be singing hymns and there will be no social hour following. Hymnals and Bibles have removed because of potential cross-contamination.

- We ask after worship to nod a greeting or wave to one another as you move to your vehicle to leave.

- There will not be a Fellowship / Coffee Hour for the foreseeable future.

- First thing when you get home – wash your hands!


PLEASE do not put the church leadership in the position of having to enforce these!


Lastly, if the health situation worsens or if we note folks disregarding these items, we will go back to virtual worship only.


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Beginning Sunday, September 13, 2020: We will have our worship in the Meetinghouse. Things will be different. In addition to the health guidance above, there are pews marked off and not to be used to create social distance during worship. Members of the same household may sit together but we ask that if you do not live within that household, you sit in another location. The Choir loft on the main level is available as well.

We ask as you enter and leave the building, be conscious of traffic flow, if need be finding another exit (such as out thru Fellowship Hall) so as to not come in close proximity to others. We are following the guidance provided by our Newtown Health District and the State as we seek to keep everyone safe. 

The Church is open still - of it never really did close. But to be effective and faithful to our call, let us practice physical distancing, wash our hands, use sanitizer, and continue to be the Body of Christ. We are called to be beacons of light and hope in the midst of the challenge our time. Essentially, we proclaim God's love for all.


See links below for participating in our on-line worship as well as this Sunday's worship bulletin.

Our greatest priority is the safety and well-being of our neighbors and members of our congregation. Our actions impact the world around us so practicing physical distancing is not only necessary but it is an act of kindness and love. To paraphrase a verse from the Talmud, "Anyone who saves one life it is as if she has saved the whole world."
Rev. David F. Peters, Minister

Resources For Parents, Children, and Youth

Sermons 4 Kids a lesson and activities you can do at home.

Sparkhouse has a weekly lesson to do while at home 

Faithful Families At Home 15 easy family-friendly prayers and activities
A great resource for parents to continue "Church School" while apart.


If You Are Having A Tough Time


A Listing of Regional Mental Health Resouces

Practices of Self-Soothing during COVID-19 (from UCC)


A Good Article on Mental Health and Faith: LINK 



David's Mystery Church Tour!

Join our Minister each Thursday as he goes to a different place on the church campus. 

It will feature video, a little history, and a thought.

On Youtube at LINK



The Humor Corner

A Video Look at How We Will Worship In-Person When It Is Safe...
LINK (YouTube)



To Help Putting This Time and Experience in Context
A Reflection by Rev. Sarah Drummond: on Pilgrimage LINK



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