For guidance about masking and other pandemic precautions - here is the CDC scientific data site that we are using for decision-making as recommended by the Health District and SNE UCC Conference:




From our Minister - November 2021

One of the hardest things about being the leader of a church these days is what to do about issues that keep us safe and healthy.
One would think it would be easy. Before we had the vaccine and everyone getting the shot, we just looked at the State Health Department's website and it told us what we needed to do. Now that almost everyone is vaccinated here in the church, we are getting pressure to drop the masks for those vaccinated and to remove all the restrictions. Ah, if it was that simple. 
As your pastor, I can only recommend and do not have ultimate power in these things. First off, I am guided not simply by who is here but who might decide to attend worship or an event. There Is still a number of our folks who are nervous about getting ill.
Scripturally, I can look to Matthew 25:40. We cannot serve the least of these when we are focusing on what we want for ourselves. And because vaccinated folks can carry the virus and pass it to unprotected others, wearing a mask is a sign that they are doing all they can to protect “the least of these” among us. The last thing any of us want is for one of our members or guests to become ill because of their presence among us.
I have put on our Church's website under the COVID tab a handy app from the Center For Disease Control that gives up-to-date information for our county based on the data. Currently, it is saying that we should still remain masked.

I ask for your understanding as we continue this frustrating process of dealing with the pandemic.
I pray that it will be over sooner than later.









Self-Care / Community Care
These days, it is important to take care of yourself and each other. Taking care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health is so important now. After checking in on yourself, check on your family and especially your neighbors who are elderly or health compromised.

Get your vaccine - for your health - for everyone's health!

For vaccine, information go to


 Worship in the time of COVID-19

 (All is tentative and dependent on health conditions and Newtown Health Dept. guidance)


            Health Guidance for now and the foreseeable future:

- If you feeling ill or have a temperature above 100.4 within 72 hours, do not attend worship.

- You must wear a mask

- Each person upon arriving you will be asked to sign a log in the event that there must be contact tracing.

- We ask you to sanitize your hands. Hand sanitizer is available in the Narthex.

- You (individuals or household groups) must sit socially distanced from each other (min. 6 feet) you will find some pews marked to not be used.

- We ask that you not shake hands, hug, or be closer than 6 feet from those who are not from your household.

- The church restrooms are open. We ask that you sanitize the restroom including all surfaces touched and used with the spray disinfectant located in the bathroom.

- We will not be singing hymns and there will be no social hour following. Hymnals and Bibles have removed because of potential cross-contamination.

- We ask after worship to nod a greeting or wave to one another as you move to your vehicle to leave.

- There will not be a Fellowship / Coffee Hour for the foreseeable future.

- First thing when you get home – wash your hands!


PLEASE do not put the church leadership in the position of having to enforce these!


Lastly, if the health situation worsens or if we note folks disregarding these items, we will go back to virtual worship only.


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Our greatest priority is the safety and well-being of our neighbors and members of our congregation. Our actions impact the world around us so practicing physical distancing is not only necessary but is an act of kindness and love. To paraphrase a verse from the Talmud, "Anyone who saves one life it is as if she has saved the whole world."
Rev. David F. Peters, Minister

Letter to the Congregation - September 10, 2020, from Rev. Peters  LINK

Help Support Our Work and Ministries

Supporting the work of the Church during the pandemic

It is important that your generous spirit continues to be shared 

even though you may not be present physically at the church building!

We encourage you to set up electronic giving using our safe and easy partner, Vanco.

You can sign up for a one-time gift or one that can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, using your credit card or checking account (preferred).


Many have done this and it is has eased the financial pressure at the church in these days.


How Are You Doing
During these Pandemic Times?

The CDC has put together this interactive web page to help individuals understand and cope with their feelings during COVID19. We are all dealing with something right now that we have never dealt with before. As a result, feelings of anger, grief, and stress can creep up on us.

How Are You Feeling?

We are often asked this, and we say “fine.” But this has been a difficult time lately, and emotions can be complex. You may be feeling sad, worried, or stressed.
It helps to stay positive and remind yourself of your strengths. Click below for inspiration and resources to find what helps.

here to learn more and utilize the tools.

This information is courtesy of the
Western CT Coalition 

Support from the Pastor
Always know that I am available to talk by phone or email, or socially distance outside lawn visit -
whatever is most comfortable for you. 
Cell: 203.770.6721
Resources For Parents, Children, and Youth

Sermons 4 Kids a lesson and activities you can do at home.

Sparkhouse has a weekly lesson to do while at home 

Faithful Families At Home 15 easy family-friendly prayers and activities
A great resource for parents to continue "Church School" while apart.


If You Are Having A Tough Time


A Listing of Regional Mental Health Resouces

Practices of Self-Soothing during COVID-19 (from UCC)


A Good Article on Mental Health and Faith: LINK 



David's Mystery Church Tour!

Join our Minister each Thursday as he goes to a different place on the church campus. 

It will feature video, a little history, and a thought.

On Youtube at LINK



The Humor Corner

A Video Look at How We Will Worship In-Person When It Is Safe...
LINK (YouTube)



To Help Putting This Time and Experience in Context
A Reflection by Rev. Sarah Drummond: on Pilgrimage LINK



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