Steeple Lighting



Steeple Night 2021 

The Steeple can be lit in loving memory of someone or in celebration for a month.

We ask for a donation of $25.00 for the month's lighting.

Contact Rev. Peters to make arrangements.    EMAIL LINK

You can pay online here: LINK


The Meetinghouse Steeple lighting schedule: 


January: Anonymous, in memory Jacquie Winterkorn

February: Lynn & Bill Fichtel in memory of Gene McClendon

March: Charlie Stauffacher in loving memory of his sister, Lil Gillies

April: Jay & Dale Pinchbeck - in memory of his twin brother John

May: Cha Cha Kansas in celebration of her nephew's sons birth

June: Karen Swanson Bailey in memory of Paul Swanson and her parents

July: Gaila Rossiter in celebration of her wedding anniversary

August: Michael Wilcox in memory of his parents

September: Barbara and Norm Cover in memory of his parents Norm and Ann and brother Ken

October: Carol Goodwin in memory of loved ones

November: Sue Stauffacher in memory of Tanner Gray

December: Diane & Charlie Meade in the hope of peace among all



January: Gaila Rossiter in memory of her husband, Peter Rossiter

February: Jeanne and Chris Steers in memory of her parents, Roger and Claudette Guillemette

March: Katherine and Bruce Smith in memory of Lorraine Felladore

April: Pat Lowe, in memory of Bucky Lowe and Tamara Lowe Hinckley

May: Doris and Chuck Farrell in honor of their grandson, National Guard medic Ben Farrell, etal

June: Available

July: Jan & Bill Steers

August: Available

September: Available

October: Available

November: Available

December:Diane and Charlie Meade

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