"We are a Community Seeking to Share God's Love"  

We are working to make the world a better place as we provide:

Continuing Testament,

Extravagant Welcome

and as we are Changing Lives.
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Sunday Worship: Sundays at 10:30 am.

(July & August only: 9:30 am.)




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The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month


Each Sunday, children join their families for the first portion of worship. A non-perishable food offering for the Daily Bread Food Pantry in Danbury is received on the first Sunday of each month.

Special portions of worship happen each week through the month:

First Sunday: Sacrament of Communion

Second Sunday: Children's Sermon an object lesson to tell of God's love

Third Sunday: Sharing of a member's Faith Story  the ways God works in our lives

Fourth Sunday: Mission Moment - a sharing of the ways our church reaches out to others.


 A supervised nursery is open each week during worship.



here are several websites that will deliver a daily prayer right to your computer for free!
The United Church of Christ - Still Speaking Devotions

Daily Devotions - FRPCA
Henri Nouwen Daily email

Helpful links:

Oremus Bible Browser


Bible Pronounciation Guide


When there is a significant snowstorm, our ordinary practice will be to proceed with worship as scheduled, unless an official emergency is declared or other factors make it prudent to cancel services. 

In the rare instance in which it is necessary to cancel worship, a notification will be made via announcements on the church website, the Church's Facebook page, an email broadcast, and on telephone answering message.

Notice of cancellation or postponement of programs, meetings, and other church events will be made by the leaders of those events via telephone or email. 

Above all, safety and common sense drive our routine, and we want those same guidelines to drive your own decisions about coming to church during bad weather!


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Roxbury Congregational Church, please speak with one of the Ministers. They are happy to discuss any concerns or questions you might have about making the commitment of church membership. Membership are welcomed periodically and after a member's orientation session. If you are currently a member of another church, a letter of transfer can be arranged. 

We also have an Associate Membership, for those who want to maintain a primary active church membership elsewhere.

For more information, contact the Church Office 860-355-1978.





Liturgical Seasons & Colors


Advent marks the beginning of the church year as we anticipate, watch, and await the birth of the Christ Child. Purple is used during Advent as during Lent, to symbolize the coming of the King, and the coming of God's Kingdom. 



Advent culminates with Christmas, the twelve days we celebrate the birth of Christ. We mark the end of Christmas with the Day of Epiphany. Again, we use our white banners. As with Easter, we are marking events in Christ's life that are filled with hope for us. For Christmas and Epiphany, there is hope in the manifestation that Christ is coming for all people.


With a better understanding of the liturgical seasons and symbols, the use of color and fabric can enrich the meaning of the time being celebrated. Our worship is enhanced as we better understand the gracious acts of God, and we are better equipped to go out into the world, and into God's kingdom.



Purple is the primary liturgical color of the season of Lent. Purple can be thought of as a color for royalty, symbolizing the coming King, as well as a somber color, reminding us of the approaching events.



Easter is not just one day, but an entire season. It begins with our celebration of the day of resurrection and continues for fifty days to Pentecost. The season of Easter is marked with white, which can symbolize purity, hope, and Resurrection.



Easter is not just one day, but an entire season. It begins with our celebration of the day of resurrection of Jesus and continues for fifty days to Pentecost. The season of Easter is marked with the color white, which can symbolize purity, hope and resurrection.



Ordinary Time (Sundays after Pentecost)

The main liturgical color for Ordinary Time is green, symbolizing spiritual growth and building up of the church. May we find that as a congregation we grow and flourish in much the same way.




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